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Dochaki (Do-Chaki) is a pure Hindustani word which literally means 2 wheels. At Dochaki designs we build Custom Motorcycles, parts and Accessories . We create one of a kind dream Machines on order Basis. Our love and passion for Motorcycles and design is so deep rooted that the name of company is Dochaki Designs.

Even our logo represents who we are. It follows the same philosophy and our love. Outer two rilogo , dochaki, design, custom , motorcyclengs of the logo represent 2 wheels and the world which encompasses the design surroundings. The inside elements are the ‘D’ of Dochaki and ‘C’ of Chaki which also forms the spoke of the wheel.

Dochaki Custom Motorcycles is founded by Anupam Singh Parihar, who is a Master’s in Automobile Design and a Mechanical Engineer, he himself is a avid Bike rider, likes to go on long and adventurous rides. Its his passion for creating something unique, a art on wheels, that he left his 9 to 5 job as a senior designer in a leading automotive company and started Dochaki. We had started our little workshop in outskirts of Pune, with an old Royal Enfield which we converted into a single seater Dream Machine ‘Pehalwan’. Anupam and his team of team of qualified and highly skilled Industrial designers working in association with master tin-smiths, frp-wood workers and painters aspire to be one of the top custom bike builders of the world. We are continuously expanding our portfolio and expertise towards new territories. We add experience and fun to our work by the hour and stay true to our mantra for life:

“Live your passion and Ride your attitude.”lokhand, anupam , singh , parihar, custom , bike , builder, dochaki

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